About us

The School for Climate Studies is a world-class academic faculty of Stellenbosch University, conducting interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary climate-related research in and for Africa

We engage in the following activities

Research and development

Developing and implementing an Africa-relevant research programme that responds to existing and emerging issues in climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation responses, thus supporting human climate resilience. We will consolidate and integrate current disciplinary and transdisciplinary thinking on climate, conduct and coordinate primary research, publish and make accessible research results, and create or support  the required platforms for data-intensive research and innovation.

Collaboration and capacity building

Facilitating, strengthening and expanding climate related multi- and inter-disciplinary collaborations at SU, and establishing new strategic partnerships and collaborations in regionally and internationally.

Developing new academic capacity, career paths and infrastructure for climate studies, creating opportunities for students to gain work experience in leading national and international public and private entities engaged in fundamental and applied climate studies.

Learning and teaching

Facilitating and developing curricula, sharing climate training and learning expertise across multiple faculties at SU through undergraduate and postgraduate modules, and coordinating internal and external climate training through workshops, short courses, training events, and congresses.

Commercialisation and social impact

Offering consultancy services and climate expertise to SU divisions and partners, as well as to industry and other private and public organisations, within the School’s capacity and the SU policy framework. We will contribute to the development and application of climate-related technologies that address issues on the broader social agenda, such as diversity, inclusivity, poverty alleviation and job creation.